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Nail Anatomy LLC is committed to providing qualified nail services that are aseptic and safe. All of our nail services are customized according to the individual needs of our clients. Our team is licensed and certified to treat most nail concerns from advanced to cosmetic nail services. We offer expertise and practical advice for the best nail health. Here are some of the questions that we often receive from our clients:

Can you pull my Ingrown toe nails?

Nail Anatomy LLC does not pull ingrown toenails. Pulling ingrown toenails are a Podiatry issue and need to be addressed by a licensed medical podiatrist. If you are experiencing pain or irritation with ingrown nails please reach out to your local podiatrist or PCP for referrals. Please note: No nail technician is authorized to pull ingrown in any US state.

Do you use the cheese grater of credo blade for callus?

The Credo Blade and Grater are meant to be used by a medical professional such as your Podiatrist for the sole purpose of removing excess and sometimes painful calluses. Credo blades, short handled devices similar to household razors, are specifically banned in state regulations as a health hazard. Using a blade to remove skin can cause bleeding, potential infections and remove healthy as well as dead skin. They are to be used by Podiatrist ONLY it is illegal in ALL 52 states for any Nail technician to use these types of tools.

Georgia Law

Rule 130-5-.10. Credo Blades and Razor-Like Implements. The use of any type of blade or microplane-like device or any type of device or implement whose purpose is to cut, scrape and/or shred the skin from the bottom of the feet is prohibited. Cite as Ga. Comp. R. & Regs. R. 130-5-.10 Authority: O.C.G.A. Section 43-10-6. History. Original Rule entitled "Credo Blades and Razor-Like Implements" adopted. F. Apr. 1, 2014; eff. Apr. 21, 2014.

Do you do acrylic on toes?

Yes. Acrylic is different from toe restoration.

What is Nail Restoration?

A highly effective toenail correction system, comprising an extremely elastic UV nail gel that adapts to the movements of the toe. Its’ unique adhesive properties mean that good results can be achieved, even on thick layers of skin where a toenail may be missing or on scaly nail surfaces. It can conceal ridges and deformations and hide discoloration. This makes it ideal for camouflaging fungal nails by evening out the shape and color of a diseased nail. The gel is anti-fungal so prevents against further damage to the nail while it is worn. It is also ideal for replacing a whole nail or part of a nail that is missing.

Which areas do we serve?

Nail Anatomy LLC covers a 20 mile travel radius from the home base zip code. Anything outside of that radius will incur an additional flat rate travel premium. Everyone inside that travel radius will pay the current service price.

Do you do parties?

Nail Anatomy LLC is dedicated to providing each of our clients with the most advanced techniques and top quality services for any occasion. All parties are required to pay a non refundable fee of 30% of the service and MUST book 30 days in advance. Packages are already discounted and are as is no further discount will be given for this with parties and packages cannot be shared.

Do you give discounts?

Discounts are usually posted on the site or social media. If you are not following us on FB or IG please visit us there. The listed price is the price for the service if no discounts are running.

Why Should I Choose Nail Anatomy LLC?

Taking care of yourself is not a luxury but essential to your overall health. Nail Anatomy LLC offers personalized services from professional staff who takes the time required to make you feel special and understand your particular needs. From the moment we are allowed into your home you will receive our personalized and attentive service.

We Offer:

  • Personalized consultations
  • Highest standards of cleanliness
  • Qualified and attentive staff
  • Sanitized and serialized implements

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