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Nail Disorder

Nail Restoration

Nail restoration is a cosmetic procedure that improves and restores the appearance of damaged nails. It can address issues such as: Thickened nails, Brittle nails, Misshapen nails, Discolored nails.

Nail Reconstruction

For people with unsightly nails, toenail reconstruction is a straightforward cosmetic procedure, performed by an advanced nail technician (ANT). The technique uses a specialist gel, layered over the existing nail where it is misshapen or unsightly, in order to build a nail that's more pleasing aesthetically.

Nail Irregularities

Nail Abnormalities are issues with the color, shape, texture, or thickness of the fingernails or toenails.

  • Beau lines
  • Brittle nails
  • Koilonychia
  • Leukonychia
  • Pitting is the presence of small depressions
  • Ridges

Thickened Nails

Onychauxis is the medical term for an overgrowth or thickening of the nail which can become discolored turning white, yellow, red or black.

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